Nipattu is Something special!

  • 29 Jun 2021
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Nipattu is Something special!If you're wondering what is so special about Nipattu or Baked Nipattu? You'll be surprised! This quick yet flavorful snack is one of the most popular snack in Tamil Nadu and Southern India. It originated in Tamil Nadu in India and has been making rounds in the southern parts of India ever since. It's just as delicious and easy to prepare as chutney or paratha. Nipattu is basically a simple dry-fried snack prepared with sweet rice flour, turmeric, fried cashews, and other aromatic spices and then coated with butter. It's crispy and so addictive and

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Yummy Pumpkin soup

  • 29 Jun 2021
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Basic pumpkin soup recipe with Yummy TipsDuration - 30 minutesChop an onion and fry gently until translucent.Stir in peeled pumpkin pieces — smaller bits will cook faster.Add stock or water to cover and cook gently until softened.Blend with stick mixer or food processor until smooth and season to taste.But if you want to hot up your soup, to pimp your pumpkin, here are 10 top tricks to try. Pumpkin soup - How to1 – Pick your pumpkinDifferent pumpkins will end up producing a different result. The good news is that the most common, off-the-shelf types — the butternut, Jap all have

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10 Healthy Snacks & Food To Add In Your Kitchen

  • 27 Apr 2021
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When the late-night binge-eating calls to you, you do not have much of a choice but to answer it. We are humans and we do like the occasional fast food. Compromising a healthy diet for a hazardous food item, every once in a while is okay. But what if we told you that you can have the cake and eat it too? Have the best of both worlds? It may sound like a dream but it is a reality.Say goodbye to the days of post-consumption guilt where you feel that you were better off without eating unhealthy snacks after you

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