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HubBroker : Advantages of EDI 860 for Buyers and Sellers
Jenna Shah 19 Jan 2022 4 min read

The Purchase Order Change is a critical EDI document for inventory management, supply chain efficiency, and financial accuracy.The EDI 860 is a common name for

HubBroker : Championing Agility: Leading the Industry Through Ecosystem Integration
Jenna Shah 19 Jan 2022 5 min read

With all the market disruptions in the past few years, the world has gone through the darkest times in history. It is astonishing to see

Google Ads for Ecommerce - Prerequisites
Clicks Bazaar 02 Jan 2022 4 min read

In my last article, we talked about whether Google Ads was the right move for your ecommerce business. Now, if Google Ads is really on your

Downfall of Instacart Marketplace
Devik Balami 27 Dec 2021 4 min read

In the grocery industry some customers prefer the marketplace platforms and shop through the delivery and shopping apps, and at times prefer to shop directly

Top 3 Web Design Hacks You Can Use To Enhance Your Website On A Tight Budget
Ashlee Marri 14 Dec 2021 8 min read

Whether you are a freelance photographer, have a physical store, or have some other type of small business, a good website is essential to the

13-Step to Start Instagram marketing
Valerie Man 07 Dec 2021 7 min read

Calling for Instagram influencers! Or what if we say, ‘calling for Instagram business influencers’? If you’re running any retail business, being seen as trendy

開 IG Shop 必學10個功能!
Valerie Man 07 Dec 2021 1 min read

社交媒體當中以Facebook及Instagram最為知名,單是Instagram的每月活躍用戶(Monthly active users, MAU) 已經達10億,而每日活躍用戶(Daily Active Users,  DAU)亦有5億,反映現代人的生活已經完全離不開它們,Instagram集娛樂、社交、購物、營商於一身,成為了商家們的「必爭之地」。根據市場統計數據公司Statista的資料,截至2021年7月,全球最受歡迎(按活躍用戶數量排名)的社交網絡依次是Facebook、Youtube、Whatsapp、Instagram(見下圖),當中Instagram的活躍用戶達到13.8億,相對只有約4億的Twitter高出3倍!Credit:StatistaInstagram的影響力已超過不少社交媒體,商家如果錯過了Instagram行銷,那真的會錯失良機了,不過Instagram內早已有五花八門的網店,要怎樣才能鶴立雞群、突圍而出呢?如果有心想做好Instagram網店的店主,不妨認真看看以下介紹的12項功能,令你的Instagram行銷技巧更進一步!1. 購物功能一邊在Instagram看最新動態帖文,一邊被各色各樣的商品吸引已經平常不過,每月Instagram購物帖子的點擊人次有1.3 億人,顯示了強烈的購物需求!對於企業而言,發佈帖文的同時如果可以標籤商品,就能輕鬆地加強銷售的效果。無論是在主頁上或是帖子上,都可以顯示出「瀏覽商店」功能,來吸引你的追蹤者下單吧😈😈。Credit: Mr n Mrs Moon Instagram先逐個Step教你開設購物功能既然購物功能有機會帶來額外的營業額,何樂而不為呢?以下先來教大家開設購物功能!六大步驟步驟 1:確認資格要符合設定 Instagram 購物功能的資格,您的商家必須是位於支援此功能的市場、擁有符合資格的商品、遵守 Instagram的《商家協議》和《商務政策》、擁有銷售商品的網站網域。步驟 2:轉換為商業帳戶在Instagram設定中,按「帳戶」拉到最底就有「切換為專業帳戶」,再選擇商家便可新增商家相關資訊,例如營業時間、商家地址、聯絡電話以及網站連結。步驟 3:連結您的 Facebook 專頁前往您商家的 Instagram 商業檔案選擇「編輯商業檔案」,在「公開顯示的商家資訊」下,選擇「專頁」。從你的

Using WhatsApp as a Customer Relationships Management Tool
Valerie Man 07 Dec 2021 6 min read

Why Using WhatsApp CRM as the Main Channel for Customer ServiceHave you ever received WhatsApp messages from your beauty salon to confirm bookings? Or have

WhatsApp on multiple devices: can the new beta help your business?
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You may have received loads of WhatsApp updates for the past years. Some of them may not matter, but it seems the latest one definitely

12 Everyday Carry Non-Lethal Weapons for Self-Defense [Be Safe]
Arya Potts 06 Dec 2021 9 min read

Do you ever travel through rough neighborhoods? Are you seeking an alternative to using a gun to defend yourself? Are you looking for non-lethal ways to protect