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About Beating the Rush to Get Your Boiler Serviced
James Colmen 10 Jun 2022 4 min read

Boiler servicing and maintenance are essential factors to ensure its longevity and proper functioning. Thus, it is necessary to get its upkeep done regularly and

Reasons You Should Have Your Boiler Serviced And Avoid Having Gas Boiler Repair
James Colmen 05 Apr 2022 3 min read

It is important to understand how the boiler works and what causes it to break down. You can then opt for preventive measures by seeking

A Guide To Bathroom Waterproofing Under Tiles
George Cunningham 13 Feb 2022 4 min read

Tiling improves the artistic appeal of many rooms’ floors and walls. However, it is necessary to take precautions to prevent the tiles from deteriorating over

Useful Advice On Ducted Air Conditioning Installation
Oliver Brown 09 Dec 2021 4 min read

There are times like summer when you need to turn up the air conditioner in your home or office spaces. Similarly, you may also want

Nanoleaf: Square Light Changing Panels
Danish Man Geek 06 Aug 2021 2 min read

The Nanoleaf Canvas is a light that connects to and delights the senses - playing on sight, sound and touch for a lighting experience that