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As NMC Healthcare Company’s digital marketing manager since 2012, I direct all phases of both the contextual and technical elements of marketing initiatives.

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Role of Sales and Marketing Companies in Uplifting a Business

  • 29 Jul 2022
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There are so many companies that don’t pay enough attention to marketing or sales, as they see it as a problem of past times. That’s because most people think that using Facebook is sufficient for marketing, but unfortunately, it isn’t. There was a time when being on Facebook might have been sufficient, but today, people are looking elsewhere if they want more. The solution is finding sales and marketing companies who offer solutions that will help you make your website look good and run well on mobile devices.They can also help you grow your business with effective SEO campaigns and PPC

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Best Hospitals in UAE for Adult Home Care Services

  • 16 May 2022
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Shakespeare was not far off when he wrote his famous poem “The 7 Stages of Man” that ended with:“Last scene of all,That ends this strange eventful history,Is second childishness and mere oblivion,Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”So, what exactly is second childishness?In a nutshell, second childishness is old age, a time when man reverts back to his childhood days in his mannerisms and perhaps his physical and mental capabilities. You must have noticed that as people get older, their priorities change and they tend to forget things. They lose their hair, their teeth, and their mental faculties are

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Sleep Apnea: The Silent Sleep Disorder You Need to Know!

  • 24 Apr 2022
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Sleep is an important part of our lives, health and success. A lot of you will probably agree with me if I say that getting a good night’s sleep is all you need at the end of the day to  refresh your mind, body, and soul. But, are you familiar with sleeping disorders that affect nearly one billion people around the world, but have often remained undiagnosed because of the lack of awareness? In fact, there is a type of sleep disorder that does not get a lot of attention even now- sleep apnea. Have you ever heard of sleep apnea? I

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Understanding Postpartum Depression: Things You Need to Know

  • 31 Mar 2022
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Having a baby is one of the most incredible experiences one can go through, yet for some, it’s not what they expected it to be.Unfortunately, the feelings of joy, excitement, and anticipation surrounding pregnancy may soon turn into feelings of fear, isolation, and uncertainty. New moms may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and hopeless after childbirth.But, if the feeling of anxiety and depression lasts for a long time and if you find yourself juggling with emotions and stress in the long haul of life, it’s important to understand what you are going through- Postpartum Depression. Here’s what the best gynaecologists in Dubai have

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The Rise of Self-Love Movement-Connecting Skin Care and Self-Love

  • 25 Feb 2022
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Self-love is the act of prioritizing yourself and embracing the person you are over anything and everything. It's a journey of coming to terms with who you are and realizing your true worth. Self-love is frequently misunderstood as a form of narcissism and selfishness. But, it has a deeper meaning. When you embrace your flaws, weaknesses, and strengths and accept yourself the way you are, then you are on the path of practising self-love. But, is skincare and self love connected?  Of course, it is. When you nurture yourself, in whatever way that may be, you are delivering your body a

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