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Web Screen Scraping provides cutting-edge and robust solutions as well as scraping services to scrape data from websites. Web Screen Scraping is a privately-held web scraping services company, started in October 2006 and situated in India.

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How Web Scraping Of Zomato Can Be Done By BeautifulSoup Library In Python?

  • 23 May 2022
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IntroductionWeb scraping, also known as data scraping, is a kind of data extraction used to gather information from different websites. The software of web scraping uses a web browser or HTTP to access these websites. The software user performs web scraping manually but web scraping is generally known for automated procedures done by bots or by a web crawler. This is a type of process where specific data from the websites and the internet are copied and stored into a local dataset or spreadsheet to retrieve the data later.Here, we will use Zomato data scraper to gather information on the best restaurants

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