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The Brownstone Law Firm is an appellate litigation law firm focusing on appeals in federal courts across the United States. Our federal appeals lawyers have represented hundreds of clients at the appellate level and have handled appeals...

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The Five Essential Steps In The Appeal Process

  • 17 May 2022
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Have you been convicted of a crime? Wondering what’s coming next? No matter the specifics of your case, every criminal appeal goes through the same essential five steps. In this article, we’ll walk you through these essential steps so you have a good idea of how the appellate process works. Step 1: Hire A Criminal Appeal Lawyer First things first: you need to hire a trusted, experienced, and skilled criminal appeals lawyer. You will need to hire a lawyer before you file an appeal. Filing too soon can sometimes lead to an adverse judgment. Also, hiring the wrong lawyer can backfire.

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Why Do You Need Appellate Lawyers?

  • 06 Jan 2022
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Trial and appellate advocacy are worlds apart. While trial courts are for original jurisdiction and involve examination of evidence, appellate practice relates to reviewing the judgment in the trial court and analyzing errors in interpretation of the law. In general, appellate courts do not decide on issues of fact. Here are a few reasons why you need an appeal lawyer for an effective appeal. Trial and Appellate Advocates Have Different Skills A trial lawyer is good at gathering evidence, interviewing potential witnesses, forming pretrial and trial strategies, and cross-examining witnesses. They also excel in making a passionate plea to the jury, creating

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