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I am a Web Developer and software developer at Batif and I am a co-founder of Batif.

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Learn how to use AWS EFS cloud storage to sort out your one of the problems.

  • 23 Jan 2022
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We always feel a shortage of our storage system, whether our wives have to give something special in our lunch box or whether we have to upload our application’s files on a server. Well, file system problem is solved by AWS Elastic File System (EFS).AWS EFS provides a simple, scalable, elastic file system for Linux based workloads for use with AWS cloud services and on other propositions resources.Amazon Elastic File System (AWS EFS) is built to scale itself on demand to petabytes without disturbing our running application, it automatically growing and shrinking as you add or remove the files, so

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AWS Control Tower

  • 14 Jan 2022
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AWS Control Tower:AWS Control Tower is a service that enables you to enforce and manage governance rules for security, operations, and compliance at scale across all your organisations and accounts in the AWS Cloud.How it works:Setup: Setup the automated AWS control tower to monitor and governance rules of cloud premises.Apply guardrails: The second step is to apply the security promises to your cloud account. Like single-sign in and many more through IAM policies.Get Visibility: Monitor compliances and resources, have a look in every movement of resources and compliances.Why should we use Control tower?Setup basic practices of AWS environments in a

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