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Why choose Rajkumar Jain Matrimony to find a love of your life?

Why choose Rajkumar Jain Matrimony to find a love of your life? is a leading matrimonial service provider in the country providing world-class services aligned with a team of experienced professionals. With premium quality services and verified biodatas to choose from, Rajkumar Matrimony is a household name for matchmaking.

#Reputed and trustworthy

 The company is certified, world-renowned, and is an award winning brand providing most advanced services along with offering the best value for money. With extensive research and expertise, the company has helped number of people to find their perfect life partners. Under the tremendous effort and able leadership of Mr. Raj Kumar Jain, the company has been providing remarkable matrimonial services to all its clients over the last 25 years. We have touched thousands of lives and ensured that they get the perfect match for a happier life. We aim to make your journey of finding the best life partner most satisfying and enjoyable one. 

#Rich knowledge of Jain families, their culture and requirements.

Run by the Raj Kumar family itself, Rajkumar Jain matrimony understands the culture and mindset of Jain families. Rajkumar Jain matrimony recognizes the intricate details of the Jain culture and beliefs, keeps in mind the requirements of a Jain family, and also the social status .

#Privacy and confidentiality features at RajkumarJain Matrimony

At we understand that protecting the identity and privacy of our registered users is of utmost importance. Hence, our basic features are designed to protect your confidentiality. Further we have options and procedures that enable you to set your privacy and confidentiality levels to those that you select to interact with. At we understand that different people have different needs for privacy and confidentiality. Thus For this reason we empower our registrants with tools to customize the privacy levels of their profile, photographs and contacts.

#Genuine and safe from frauds

Each and every profile enlisted on the website goes through a thorough ground research by our skilled team. Every profile is cross verified for all personal details and business details as well. Past track record is also checked before a profile is made accessible to any of our members. 

#Elite data pool to choose from

As we prefer quality over quantity, only selected profiles are enlisted at our website. Rajkumar Jain Matrimony is banks the top business families, elite people and top notch professionals from across the globe exclusively in the Jain community.

Besides our efforts in understanding your preference, the client pool that we offer to choose from, is elite and selected after a thorough background research for genuineness, culture, family values, business confirmation, progressive mindset and relationship interest.

#Quality support service

At, your search for the desired soul mate becomes easier and channelized with the help of our experienced relationship experts. We also take into account many other factors which are very important while matchmaking, factors like family background, future ambitions of bride and groom, bridegroom likings and disliking, behavior and culture of both the families, expectations on both sides, job future, business future, thinking compatibilities, honest, ethics etc.

With our personalized services, the search becomes interactive yet the confidentiality is maintained. Your privacy is our priority. Paid memberships allow you to get the phone number, email or chat with the person you are interested in.


We know that elite singles do not have extra time to spend on matrimonial sites and this is exactly where Rajkumar Jain Matrimony comes into picture on your behalf to match you with right profile. At Rajkumar Matrimony, the geographical barriers are also blurred as our services spread across India and also overseas.

Our personalized assistants give an insight about the suggested profile and also try to provide accurate choices as per the discussed requirements. Our focus is on providing handpicked suitable profiles to our clients by the assigned personalized assistants, saving you the trouble of eliminating the out of requirement candidates.

We then scrutinize each profile based on personal discussion and only after that you will be presented with the profiles

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