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What to do to Improve your Product Listing on Amazon?

There are no more days when you can ignore Amazon SEO and just put up any product on Amazon. Then again, there is no need to wait for the paychecks. Amazon has been developing algorithms to match sellers' products to their customers in an increasingly competitive market. Relevance is key.

If you don't maximize the impact of your Amazon SEO, you are in grave danger of losing sales.

1.  Pick Relevant Product Images

The image of your product is everything. Your product's image is what customers see first. It should be easy for customers to see the main image and can be accessed by them in a few seconds.

2.  Product Ratings

A product's product rating can make or break it. Your product may be the most popular in the world but it might not sell if it has less than three stars. You can avoid this by making sure:

  • a) that your product is exactly as advertised on your product listing and
  • b) that you follow up with Amazon customers to resolve any issues.

3. Amazon Product title

The title of your product is critical for Amazon SEO. Amazon doesn't have sales data yet. Next, you will need to create your product title to convey the most important information from the left.

Amazon Title Optimization improves the search ranks as well as enhances the click-through rates. The title of your listing is one of the most important parts of your Amazon product listing. Make sure you include your main keywords here. The title has a good place in the Amazon SEO.

4. Lightning Deals and Promotions

Think about this: A shopper leaves your listing fold because they aren't convinced to purchase right away. They were also not interested in sponsored products or the "Customers who purchased this item also bought ...'" section. It's possible to change their minds by offering a simple 10% discount. Lightning deals can be made without having to advertise them.

5. Amazon Product Reviews

This is one of the most challenging aspects of selling on Amazon. A bad review can ruin your entire listing.

However, I believe you can still get great product reviews. It's just a matter of making great products that people love, providing amazing customer service and running an excellent follow-up email campaign.

6. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon will grant you access to A+ content if you are a registered brand. A+ content gives your page a professional, sharp look. It may even increase your commissions. 

Amazon allows A+ content for sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. Through A+ content, you can provide additional content, images, and videos to your product listings. You can create a template for your product and use it across all the child variations. A+ content helps you tell the story of your Brand and product better and showcase the value proposition of your products differentiating your product from your competitors.  

7. Bullet Points: Make Use of These

Your bullet points should not be used for keyword stuffing. Use bullet points instead to convert your product. Give information beyond what the title and images can convey. It is a great idea to answer the question, "How does my product solve this problem?"

Tim Hughes


I am working as an SEO Analyst & passionate to learn new technologies & techniques in SEO.

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