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What is Filtration Glove Boxes?

Filtration glove boxes, according to the manufacturer’s description, is a glove-box system that fill and takes pressure at the same time. This product provides a sturdy structure and because the inner surface of the box is open, it can be customized according to user’s needs. It is popular in medical equipment and environment protection industries because, if configured with exuding filter, it can filter particles in all four directions simultaneously.

Due to these advantages and its general applicability and metal structure that has relatively strong and long-lasting qualities, filtration glove boxes have already been applied in series of products such as medical products, biological industry products and environmental protection equipments. Filtration glove boxes save labor costs not only because there is no need for frequent sealing but also because they do not require any human power.

Benefits of filtration glove boxes:

·        High working ratio. With filtration glove boxes and filters, they can absorb large particles with high efficiency. When using the systems, particles in the air may not have to be destroyed and removed by the human body. The dust can be kept away from the human body thus reducing the risk of pollution to the environment.

·        Easy to clean. The components of filtration glove boxes can be easily cleaned to guarantee stable filtration quality. Glove Boxes don’t need constant cleaning.

·        Low cost. Filtration glove boxes can be mass-produced in line with the production of products. If configured with a suitable filter, it saves time and effort thus reducing costs.

How does Filtration Glove Box work?

·        Filtration glove boxes filter particles in four directions. Filtration glove boxes can filter particles in four directions, it is very convenient.

·        There is no need to remove the filter regularly, so it saves labor costs for filtration glove boxes.

·        It is an automatic system for the filter to maintain. Once the filtration is done, water in the filtration glove box can be automatically supplied to clean them.

·        Filtered water can be drained directly. After finishing the filtration, filtrate can be drained out.

·        It has good corrosion resistance, good temperature tolerance.


Filtration glove boxes can save labor costs not only because there is no need to clean the filter but also because the components used are long-lasting. It can help the operation be well automated. It should be well cleaned after long time of use.

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