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What is a UEN number?

In this blog we have explain What is a UEN number

Organizations and nearby organizations that are enrolled with ACRA will hold their ACRA enlistment number as their UEN. You will get your UEN upon fuse.

The following are the 3 UEN designs recorded:

  Given to UEN design

A Businesses enlisted with ACRA


(9 digits)

B Local organizations enlisted with ACRA


(10 digits)

C All different elements which will be given new UEN


(10 digits)

'n' = a number

'P'= an in sequential order letter

'Q' = an alpha-numeric digit

'PQ' = Entity-type 2

'Tyy'/'Syy'/'yyyy'= year of issuance 3

'X' = a really take a look at letters in order

For instance, the UEN for a restricted obligation organization (LLP)

shaped on 1 January 2009 could be 'T09LL0001B'.

on the off chance that you are an unfamiliar element enlisted with ACRA, you will likewise be given with a UEN with ACRA and it will seem to be TyyUFnnnnX.

Other than ACRA, there are numerous other UEN issuance organizations who are answerable for giving the right UEN for a wide range of business substances. The offices are recorded beneath:

The Ministry of Law;

The International Enterprise Singapore;

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore;

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth;

The Ministry of Defense;

The Ministry of Education;

The Ministry of Finance;

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

The Ministry of Health;

The Ministry of Communications and Information;

The Ministry of Manpower;

The Ministry of National Development;

The Monetary Authority;

The People's Association;

The Registry of Societies;

The Singapore Land Authority.

How would I figure out an element's UEN?

Assuming you are searching for one more organization's UEN that has been enrolled with ACRA, you can look for it by means of the registry search here. After looking, you will get to see the UEN, organization name, UEN status, UEN issuance office, element type and halfway location will show up on the site.

On the off chance that the organization isn't enrolled with ACRA however different organizations (recorded above), you can utilize a similar registry search to figure out more data.

Advantages of UEN

With a UEN, you can have a consistent cooperation with government offices. Be it recording your corporate expense forms or applying for import/send out licenses, you don't need to utilize different numbers to interface with various government offices. The main number that you would require is your UEN.

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