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The Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Your Vacation in Summerhouses

Holiday season is here!

Want to enjoy it to the fullest without leaving your hometown? Summerhouses in Hull can be the solutions which often work as a meeting spot during vacationing. If not in use, turn it into a storage space. From using these houses as a stunning home office to a spacious kitchen area or just a tool shed - summerhouses serve a range of purposes that you cannot even think about.

You just need to follow the guide to explore the multiple reasons behind summerhouses installation in Hull:

Types of Summerhouses HULL

Traditional Summr Houses

Classic, traditional summer houses never go out of style. Apex rooftop and Georgian windows are enough to reflect the appeal that old Hollywood movies evoke.

Contemporary Summer Houses

This appeals to gen Z the most. Modern designs and stylish interior please the eyes of the youngsters. And we don’t blame them! Who does not love a clean and sleek aesthetic?

Small Summer houses

If you are planning to spend the holidays with a small group of people or just with your partner, a small house is enough to serve the purpose. These houses are great to relax during the vacation and when not in use, use it as a spare storage room.

Log Cabin Summer Houses

If you want your summerhouse to stand still in the years to come, then there is no better option than this. The sturdy material not only offers it a strong base but also makes the house look mesmeirising.


Once you have chosen your summer house type, just decide how you want to use it. When not in use, transfer the room into an outdoor dining spot or your child’s playroom. Even if you are at home during the vacation, still you will feel you are somewhere different. Invest in the interior decor of the house to give it the look and feel that you want it to have.

Let’s work on the Position and Planning of Summerhouses:


Summerhouses installation is no easy job. It needs the right positioning and selection of the right size to enjoy a great look that keeps you content during your holidays.

Fix the Direction where the Summerhouse Faces

How you want to design your summerhouse and during what time of the day you are planning to use it decide the face of the summerhouse. Consider how the sun moves throughout the day and notice which part of it enjoys the most sunlight. For an airy and sunny space, face your doors and windows in the direction where the sunshine hits the most.

Check whether Planning Permission is Necessary or Not

Though most summerhouses do not ask for a planning permission but still there are exceptional situations when this becomes mandatory. Situations when planning permission is necessary are:

You reside in a conservation area

Planning to position the summerhouse in front of your property at the direction of a highway

The huge summerhouse can cover up to 50% of the surroundings

The house is within 5 metres of the property

When in doubt, just check at your local council website to make sure you can proceed without the planning permission. This can save you from unnecessary costs that won’t put a dent on your wallet.

Do you need to take care of Building Regulations?

These temporary installations mostly don’t demand for building regulations. However, to be on a safer side, just have a discussion with the local authoritative body who takes care of building regulations.

Is DIYing possible?

Yes, if you are a pro in it. However, summerhouses installation in Hull is not a one person job. Trying to do it yourself can end up being extremely hectic and rigorous. You may also need a huge list of tools and if you don’t own all, buying them will only increase the cost. Leaving the job for experts is the best way to go.

Maintenance Tips to Follow:

Every building or construction site needs maintenance to be in its best condition. Summerhouses in Hull are no exception to it. Ensure you enjoy your vacation to its fullest by following the below-mentioned simple maintenance tips that are enough to keep the house functioning:

Maintain a regular cleaning procedure to keep an eye on the condition of the house. Regular cleaning reveals a lot of hidden issues that you may have overlooked otherwise.

Carry out a pest control treatment to prevent infestation in the building

Look for tears or holes in the walls, floors and roof to ensure the summerhouse is in a perfect condition

Don’t let the damp sit in

Final Thought


We have jotted down the entire summerhouse guide that will make your vacation mesmerising and joyful even without leaving your regular place. Just follow the guide and enjoy one of the best vacations of your life!

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