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Nipattu is Something special!

Nipattu is Something special!

If you're wondering what is so special about Nipattu or Baked Nipattu? You'll be surprised! This quick yet flavorful snack is one of the most popular snack in Tamil Nadu and Southern India. It originated in Tamil Nadu in India and has been making rounds in the southern parts of India ever since. It's just as delicious and easy to prepare as chutney or paratha.

Nipattu is basically a simple dry-fried snack prepared with sweet rice flour, turmeric, fried cashews, and other aromatic spices and then coated with butter. It's crispy and so addictive and is simply perfect in this monsoon season. It goes great both while you're indoors cooking or eating out and when everyone else is at home and help out, it's still easy to prepare because it's so simple to make. You just need to mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and air-fry  or bake small pieces of rice with the mixture.

Make sure that you cook it on all sides for a few minutes until the edges turn crisp and then flip again till you have achieved the desired crispiness. You will then need to carefully insert a small piece of masala in the center and air-fry  or bake the mixture until it's mixed thoroughly and gives you a coating of black, crispy goodness. It's amazing how well this compares to your usual butter fried dish, sans the heavy seasoning.

The final ingredient is the traditional nipattu which is made of spicy, thin, and cooked in coconut milk and plain, dry sesame seeds. If you have never seen a nipattu before, they are tiny batter-like cakes that are prepared by women from the Tamil community in south India and served during special events like birthdays, marriages, and even funerals. Traditionally made with plain, dry sesame seeds, these delicious cakes are loved all across India, and are enjoyed by young and old alike. A variation of this famous dish can be made with Indian cooking ingredients, but a hit in Bangalore is the delicious, aromatic Nipattu which goes by several names such as Thattai and Chekkulu.

There are various places in Bangalore where you can find this popular delicacy, but the most authentic is the Sampoorna Ahara. You can order it online and Nipattu will be delivered anywhere in India. Serving up a mouth watering, finger sized servings of this tasty snack, you won't be able to resist eating only one and go exploring your taste buds!

You might be wondering how to make the recipe healthier for us readers. This delicious snack does contain some ingredients that may be hard for our bodies to digest, and we would advise that you take the advice of your doctor or nutritionist before putting any new food into your diet. The main ingredients that can prove to be hard on the body are peanuts and chili powder, and due to the popularity of the snack, many cookbooks have been written that includes instructions on how to prepare the nipattu recipe. While we don't recommend using these recipes in place of your regular recipe, it does mean you have an alternative that tastes as good as your favorite fried nipattu recipe. In addition to using these recipes as a healthy alternative to the traditional snack, we do recommend that when making your nipattu that you use a air-fryer to ensure that you are cooking the dish evenly.

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar


Dr. Achyuthan Eswar Lifestyle Medicine Physician Co-Founder, Sampoorna Ahara, Co-Founder, Nutrition Science,

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