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Naura Ayu Releases New Single,

Young singer Naura Ayu has released a new single, titled Jalan Tengah. This song tells about the relationship of a pair of lovers who can't always agree to the point that it causes quarrels with each other.

To repair the relationship, both must find a middle point in solving problems. This single, which is colored with mellow nuances, is also Naura's first single, who is very upset.

Naura also admitted that he was very happy with the latest single written by Barsena Bestandhi, A&R Trinity Optima Production. The child of Nola Be3 and Baldy can even pass new challenges in making his songs.

"The challenge, because this is my first troubled song, I have to be able to tell and feel the position of people who have problems in this song. The result? Satisfactory and I'm very happy," explained Naura in an official statement received by coil, Friday (22/10).

The song 'The Middle Way' Makes People Close to Cry

According to Naura, when this song was ready, he immediately played it to his family and friends, including Prilly Latuconsina and Kiky Saputri.

Unexpectedly, some who listened to the song immediately burst into tears. Many are involved in the story in the song.

"Because the problems in the song Jalan Tengah are experienced by many people but are kept in the heart, and Jalan Tengah is a trigger to release emotions that have been suppressed for a long time," he explained.

Meanwhile, as a songwriter, Barsena says that he writes from his point of view about a couple having an already bland relationship and is ready to go their separate ways.

"On the one hand, actually they still want to maintain their relationship, by remembering the Middle Way that they have formulated during their relationship together. Naura can interpret the song very well. She tells the contents of the song very well and does it with heart, " said Barsena in the same statement.

The shooting of the video clip for Jalan Tengah has also been completed in the Bogor area, West Java. In the music video, directed by Alfianus Alvin, it presents the figure of Irzan Faiq as Naura's main opponent.

“During shooting, I was happy because the process was fun. So, it's not that tiring. There are some romantic scenes and this is a challenge for me because I usually do it with my family. In this video clip for Middle Way, the romantic scene is obvious," Naura concluded.

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