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Make Place for OurTime

The world is highly going towards the future, technologies, great high-speed workplaces. Everyone runs towards earnings, money, lavish lifestyle, and its obvious. Because it makes life easy and luxurious, no doubt in this fact. But in this high-speed life, we lost our precious relations to our special one. We have time for business, work all day. But not for our partners, neither for our relationship. We have time for our own, but we don’t have our time. Now, what is this OurTime ?

Money can buy you many luxury things but not time. In every relationship, you have to take time for those you love most. Time is always the first priority then other things. Ourtime is essential in life; it plays the leading role that makes the relationship more robust and reliable. Ourtime lets you more close to your loved once. Every couple desires good moments with each other. You cannot fill that place with anything else; it’s our time-space with You, and you’re loved once.

Let’s take a situation where a long-distance relationship couples meeting after a long duration of the time when both meet after a long time and spend our time with each other. That will be a memorable time-space for both. In this situation, they both know the value of our time because, after long, they had created a perfect space when they finally met. It was a genuinely grateful moment of that relationship.

In this fast forward life, take our time for your relation. But its not easy nowadays to take time for our busy schedule life routine. But for a healthy relationship, grows up with quality time with your partner. Busy schedule routine always makes a mess to the relationship until you have managed our time. But many peoples thought that its not necessary to give this out time-space to their relation. Most of the relation got worst cause this like partner is not giving much time to him/her. When both put efforts on it, to take our time-space for their relations, it became more potent and last-long.

Karamjit Kaur


I am blogger at Batif services private limited .

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