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List of the Top highest paying online Jobs in 2022

Online work is on the upswing. More and more people are looking to have their needs met for through the substantially cheaper and many a times more convenient online means. In this day and age almost each and every service and product used by us has had at least one component or part of its manufacturing and delivery assisted by an online service provider. Thus, here is our list of the top jobs in India with immediate hiring that are also some of the highest paying online jobs one could conveniently switch to.



This should go without saying, gone are the days where people get their information through word-of-mouth or through intensive research of books and libraries. Regardless of whether you have a doubt about which car is the best in the sub 10 lac group or whether it is about something as obscure as the best ways to have a productive morning. There is content to be made for literally EVERYTHING. But unlike the common perception it is not only some convenient and flexible side gig to earn some extra petty cash with. NO, blogging has become a full-time profession for many with creative minds and a knack for writing. If this is hard to believe then you should know that the famous media giant HuffPost started as a humble current affairs commentary by Ariana Huffington.

Especially people such as travel or food bloggers don’t only earn trough their subscriptions and ad-revenue but are also sponsored through of restaurants and other touring agencies and easily earn not only more than the living wage but also get to travel and explore in the process.



We know what you’re thinking, Coding?! We might as well have suggested Surgery or Aeronautics engineer if we are including super technical fields, but we want to clarify this misunderstanding that, yes Coding is difficult but it does not preclude you or anyone else from excelling in it. The world is coming closer with Internet of things and technology, there is a more than ever demand for software engineers and Coders and unlike in the field of medicine etc you don’t need 5-10 years of intensive study and experience in the field to work in it. For example, follow the story of Carla Stickler, a Broadway actor who had been in the theatre acting industry for more than 10 years changed her life around when, through the suggestion of a friend, she joined a coding bootcamp and eventually transitioned into being a full-time software engineer.


Virtual Assistant

The life of a modern worker is always overfilled with tons of activities, appointments and family obligations. Some of them manage to keep their appointments some days while some zip and crash through many but trends show that many are now transitioning to have a virtual daily assistant to help guide and remind them through the appointments and activities of the life. The work is mostly administrative and involves being extremely punctual, social and someone who can look after the needs of their client whatever it may be, from scheduling their appointments to ordering food for them.

Therefore, it has the per perfect conditions of a fresher jobs such as immediate hiring, way to earn more by assisting various people and no limitations for jobs near me.


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