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Leh Ladakh- The Land of Adventure


With roads, rivers and mountain peaks, it is safe to say that Leh Ladakh is truly the land of adventure. Offering multiple activities like trekking, river rafting and camping, a Ladakh Trip is incomplete without hitting the road on a Royal Enfield. Not only are there multiple things to do but Leh Ladakh offers mesmerizing views of different terrains. The food, wildlife and adventurous bikes trip with the highest motorable roads are enough to explain what a Leh Ladakh trip encompasses. To understand more in depth and fall in love, keep on reading!

A Leh Ladakh tour comes with multiple experiences and to savor it all, it is necessary to understand what awaits you! Here’s a list of things a Leh Ladakh Trip has to offer:

1. Nubra Valley

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Ladakh, it almost looks like a painting! Diskit is the capital of Ladakh which also has a monastery that will leave you spellbound. This valley offers camel rides that enable a magical experience alongside the Nubra and Shyok river thus making your Ladakh tour worth every second!

2. Magnetic Hill

A fascinating concept that isn’t seen anywhere else. The magnetic hill defies rules of gravity and is said to blow your mind away. If you’re on a Ladakh bike trip, make sure you visit this place and see the magic for yourself! It is said that if you leave your bike with the brakes unlocked at the foot of the hill, it will move uphill all by itself with zero support. If this doesn’t peak your curiosity, I don’t know what will! Sign up for a Leh Ladakh bike trip today and tap into your adventurous self!

3. Mountain Biking
A perfect way to begin the day, Ladakh Packages come with mountain biking opportunities. Cycling through the rugged terrain along the Indus river while looking at the best view you could as for, it is indeed a treat to your eyes. A balance of challenge and adrenaline rush, biking through Ladakh is the best way to be immersed into their culture and a brilliant way to know the locals and their livelihood.

4. Land of High passes
Most of the locals in Ladakh speak Tibetan, which explains why most of the high roads have a prefix or suffix ‘La’ attached to them which means ‘pass’ in the language. All Ladakh tour packages come with a drive through at least one of the passes. Zoji La is one high road that is 11757 feet above sea level and connects Ladakh to the rest of India. It is considered a very dangerous ride which makes it even more interesting to all bike riders who have dreamt of it. Another road, a notorious one,  Khardung La is famous for being the highest motorable road and is at a height of 18379 feet. With spectacular views from above, this ride is worth every effort. If you’ve been to Ladakh and haven’t visited this pass, have you really visited Ladakh?

5. Wildlife, Monasteries and Food!

Leh Ladakh packages
also touch upon the beautiful combination of wildlife, monasteries and the food served! The Hemis National Park is the largest national park in the whole of South Asia and is famous for Leopards, Red fox, Asian Ibex and many other endangered animals. It is a protected space for these species and is a must visit. Make sure that it comes with one of your ladakh packages because this isn’t something you’d want to miss, that’s for sure!

Belonging to the Tibetan Sect of Buddhism, Ladakh is famous for numerous monasteries and also defines the culture and peace spread throughout the region. People in bright red robes are the monks who are always seen in and around monasteries, that establish a positive and intrinsic aura.  The Spituk Gompa is one of the most well known monasteries in Ladakh and has been widely spoken about because of the architecture as well as its  picturesque backdrop of a beautiful terrain. Several tourists can vouch for the kind of atmosphere and aura these monasteries have and have said that the meditation experience is completely surreal!

If you’re an avid lover of Tibetan food or have never tried it, Ladakh is the place to savour it. Momos and Thukpa like no other, multiple Indo-Tibetan restaurants are seen in Ladakh which also serve authentic Ladakhi food. Explore the culture via cuisine and give yourself a magnificent experience like never before!

6. Festivals!

Leh Ladakh, apart from being the land of adventure, also has a rich history and deep rooted culture! The heritage of the region is kept intact through the cuisine, Buddhist ceremonies, various dance and art forms and multiple fairs that are celebrated extravagantly. The cultural diversity of this region is marked by the celebrations which attracts many tourists from within India and abroad. The influence of Tibetan culture is clearly depicted in these celebrations, helping establish a strong sense of unity in diversity.

Ladakh is also known for horse riding along the valleys which is a beautiful way to witness the browns and blues of the terrain and rivers that flow across spectacularly.  The Pangong Tso is one of the well-known lakes of Ladakh and is a great tourist spot. To get to the lake, you have to drive through the Chang La pass which is at an elevation of 17585 feet above sea level. The connectivity of the region is commendable. Leading to every destination in Leh Ladakh is undoubtedly a scenic route and it is safe to say that there’s never a dull moment!

Leh Ladakh is undoubtedly a palette of nature’s colours! From white water rafting to camping in the greenery, Leh Ladakh is a place that must be on your travel list. Most of the high passes are open only during the summers so remember to plan accordingly. Keep warm clothes handy as there will be snow at higher altitudes. Choose your package, plan your trip and satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you!

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