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Nothing is better than a fresh hit of coffee to start your day. But as we all know, pre-ground coffee starts to stale soon after you open the container; coffee beans, on the other hand, stay potent and retain their flavor for a longer period. So whether you like your coffee cold or hot, grinding your beans every morning before each batch ensures the freshest flavor. And there’s no better way to kick-start your day than a cup of coffee brewed with freshly grounded coffee beans. And for that very reason, the single substantial upgrade for your home is a good quality burr grinder. Now you must be thinking about which one to buy, so to save you the trouble, we have selected a few that we feel are the best. 


A fresh start ensures a great day ahead, and to get that start, you need a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans to fill you with energy. The list contains from cheapest to the best professional-grade quality grinders, so go ahead and pick one out that fits your needs. 


The Branza’s Encore Burr Grinder has made it to the top of our checklist as it does everything. It crushes beans quickly and evenly, isn’t fussy to use or clean, and can ground for various brewing styles. It’s a first-class coffee grinder overall. 

The simplicity of its aesthetics is adapted by the controls as well. A single dial for turning it on/off, and a manual pulse button. Also, its 40-millimeter-commercial-grade conical burrs evenly grind into 40 unique consistencies without a hitch and can hold up to eight ounces of whole beans. Not to mention, its compact size measures 13.3 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, and 6.3 inches deep, which will practically fit any kitchen cabinets or countertop easily. 

Baratza grinders are extremely popular among their users for their quality and performance. You can grab one of these from amazon at $139. It has earned a rating of 4.6 stars with nearly 7000 reviews on Amazon, with one customer claiming he has owned it for the last six years and is still in perfect condition. So I don’t think that you’ll regret spending money on Branza’s Encore Burr Grinder. 

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