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Hazard Factors on Steam Planes


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Of course, in every job that is done there must be dangers that lurk at any time, including in the operation of the pressure vessel Steam Plane, therefore this is where the importance of K3 Certification Training of the Ministry of Steam Steam Aircraft Press Vessels. Check out yu !!! In the world of the steam aircraft industry has a very large level of risk, if not carried out maintenance or maintenance steps periodically in accordance with applicable regulations. The source of the danger of steam aircraft or usually called a steam boiler can be minimized by applying occupational safety and health to the use of steam aircraft or steam boilers in the company. Safety and Health of Steam Aircraft or Steam Boiler Rules with Steam Planes and Pressure Vessels Law of 1930 Steam Regulation of 1930 Law 1 of 1970 | Occupational safety and health Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 02 of 1982 | Classification of welders Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 01 of 1988 | Classification and terms of steam aircraft operators. Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 26 of 2016 | Pressure vessels and hoard tanks. The above regulations are set to be adhered to, as one of the measures to prevent the occurrence of sources of danger on steam aircraft / steam boilers ranging from planning, operation, testing and inspection. The Dangers of Steam Boilers A steam boiler is a steam plane, which means a vessel that can convert a type of fluid (water) in it, to become a source of power through the heating method by using combustion from fuel (coal / gas). This process can be the source of the greatest danger due to the process of heating fluid (water) into excessive pressure steam (heat) and can be a blasting factor for steam aircraft or steam boilers. Sources of Steam Boiler Hazards The causes of the occurrence of the source of danger in the steam boiler there are several types, namely: Manometer Safety valve Guess glass Kettle filling water Blowdown Overheating Water pump on the kettle An old or unqualified steam boiler
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The cause of your own accident is influenced by several factors: Tool Factor The construction of the steam boiler starts from the material of the steam boiler installation stage and its own manufacturing process. There is also the possibility of the quality of the structure thus affecting the dimensions of the steam boiler Safety devices do not work or do not meet the standards. Operating Factors Operating conditions do not fit the design so that it affects the maximum pressure, temperature, or load limit. Inappropriate operating process Management Factors Oversight of less regulation Poor condition of the steam boiler due to the absence of maintenance or maintenance. Operator Factor Less skilled Careless / negligent

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