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Ecommerce Vs Kirana Stores : Neighborhood Stores to thrive even as eCommerce giants give tough fight

In anticipation of a shift in consumer behaviour following the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), offline retail is emerging as the new battleground for e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, and trade associations, which are stepping up their efforts to court small businesses in an effort to lure them to sell their stuff online.


Furthermore, the traditional Kirana stores, which can be found in every nook and cranny of the neighbourhood, serve as the backbone of Indian retail, contributing for around 88 percent of the country's entire retail sector. “India has a total of 12 million Kirana stores, which equates to approximately 10 stores per 1,000 Indians,” according to the research. Apart from convenience, the Kirana stores also provide a compelling value proposition and a slew of other benefits that e-commerce has yet to match.


News report that published recently states that some of the features that customers look for include proximity to them, the availability of free home delivery in less than an hour, the ability to extend credit to customers by accepting delayed payments, flexible conditions for product returns and exchange, and the ability to offer personalised items based on consumption patterns in the local community as well as ordering specific items based on special requests are strategies used by Kirana stores to sustain.


Customers are also accustomed to purchasing in the traditional manner. Offline shopping typically accounts for a sizable portion of the whole economy, as the majority of consumers shop at stores they trust. People who shop in real stores, on the other hand, like people who love physically touching directly or handling things in stores. As time passes, customers develop a pleasant relationship with offline stores, which includes easy access, free consultation, and speedy return of defective items. Numerous factors exist for why individuals continue to shop at their neighbourhood store.


Now, when multinational corporations (MNCs) have come to establish businesses in India, they are mostly targeting offline buyers. They simplified, convenient, and affordable shopping, but at what cost?


Due to hidden costs, many customers may not be aware of the complete expenses of a product or service. In certain cases, there have been attempts to sell products that are duplicates, ones that are not on the product list, and occasionally the incorrect product bought. This is because shoppers can't see the product in real life before buying it through an eCommerce site. Such immoral acts are carried out on a broad scale, affecting the end customer directly.


Orderhood's objective is to help local stores by giving them a platform where they can be dedicated and have a focused approach selling their items online. Consumers are given the same price for purchasing from an offline store as they pay the localstores owner directly and receive the product to the client immediately.


Orderhood is an android-based application that allows users to explore local store and place orders with such businesses. Customers who use the Orderhood app to make a purchase from a nearby store can now pay the store directly using any preferred method. You may buy groceries, medical equipment, and medicines. You can also buy veggies and meats from local stores. Orderhood looks up all of the nearby businesses on Google Maps so that customers can reach out and order products & services.


Orderhood offers feature-rich order management solutions that are comparable to those offered by eCommerce giants, but with a clutter-free layout and a simple user interface. Orderhood works with any shop, regardless of billing method or payment wallet.



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