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Binance Clone Website

What is the Binance clone website?

The simulated Binance clone website has all the features of the Binance website and can implement all its functions. With this platform, you can achieve everything you want to achieve in the world of digital currency. This exchange can be a very suitable environment for you and your traders.

Having this type of exchange has been common for many years and many traders have thought of launching a platform with these conditions.

The reason traders buy this version is that this version not only has the superior features of Binance but can also support additional features and even overcome the limitations of Binance exchange.

By customizing this website, you can launch it with your own brand and start a professional business.

The Binance clone website is also very easy to prepare and you can order and buy this Binance clone script that has been developed and tested by ordering from a development company. This company executes all your requests on this platform.

What is Binance?

Knowing Binance Exchange is very easy because it is so well known that with a short search you can easily get a lot of information about it. This exchange is the most well-known and top exchange in the world, and it has gained this position in a short period of time, and there are many reasons behind this position. The reputation of this exchange is so widespread that there are few people in the world of digital currency who are familiar with digital currencies and trade but do not know Binance Exchange.

This large exchange was established by Chang Peng Zhao in China, and in 2018, its significant development began, and it was able to gain the top position among other digital currency exchanges due to its trading volume.

The exchange first took a new step in the world of digital currency by selling its main token to traders and then launching a blockchain network under the Binance brand.

The creator of this exchange is Chang Peng Zhao, who is called Bill Gates in the world of digital currency. Less than a year after the exchange was built, he was named one of the richest men in the world.

With all this, Binance is very suitable for trading and you only need to be familiar with its rules and features. The company is based in Malta, first in China, then in Japan, and now in Malta.

Features of Binance clone website

Futures: In futures trading, your traders do not really own the currencies. With this feature, profits can be multiplied. Of course, keep in mind that the damage may be multiplied.

Multilingual support: You can add multiple languages ​​to your platform so that your traders can talk and trade with each language in any language. This feature will help you build a global platform for your exchange.

Wallet: Allow your traders to use any wallet they want and in addition to being able to use several wallets at the same time, this way their assets are secured.

Payment methods: Put appropriate and different payment methods on your clone website so that you can simplify payment for your traders. The convenience of traders is in your favor.

Limit: In this feature, you give full authority to your traders. With this feature, you can allow them to determine their buying and selling prices in their trades.

Stop Limit: In this type of transaction, your users can set a condition and then announce their chosen price based on it. In this way, if the price reaches this amount, I will sell or buy this amount.

Security: Try to provide security for your platform users because it is very important that they are secure in their accounts and assets. This will make your traders increase day by day and your trading volume will increase day by day and you will compete with big and reputable exchange offices.

Binance Statistics

Number of traders trading in Binance: + 28.5 million

Number of employees of this company: 1997

Countries that receive its services: +200

The program download time of the Binance clone: +10 meters

Weekly website visits: 30,790,998

Total 24-hour trading volume: $ 109,868,180,707.65

Coins it supports: 407

Supported Fiat currencies: 47

Available markets: 1658

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