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Barista’s Guide to Make the Best Coffee At Home

No one likes to compromise on their first and foremost thing of the day; a hot cup of coffee. If you are one of those who like to have their coffee in a perfect proportion of milk to coffee then you must be looking for ways to nailing the perfect coffee each day. While making a coffee sounds like an easy job nobody would think this much thought to be put into it only real coffee lovers understand a little variation in their coffee can ruin their day.

Here is your barista guide and tricks to make a perfect coffee at home whether you own a coffee maker or not.

Buy a Coffee Grinder

This does not have to be stated but if you need freshly flavored and strongly aromatic coffee then we would recommend you buying a coffee grinder. You can purchase your favorite coffee beans and grind them as you like, little by little every day. And the smell and taste of freshly ground coffee is just perfect.

Another reason of purchasing a coffee grinder is that you can easily monitor the consistency of your coffee beans. If you need them in the form of granules just run the grinder for a lesser time. Yes we know these things are expensive but there are huge sales as well. For starters you can use the baratza coupon code to get coffee grinders and other kitchen accessories for less.

A Coffee Scale

Now your job as a Barista at home does not end at grinding the coffee beans and getting done with it. As a perfectionist you need to have a coffee scale. Since the taste and strength of your coffee depends on the weight of the coffee beans, you need to be careful with the scale. As there are varying densities of coffee beans. Weighing the ground helps you to use the same ratio of dry coffee to water, each time for the same great brew.

Pouring Kettle

Standard kettles work great, but we'd suggest a pouring kettle if you want more power to get an even extraction (by covering the grounds evenly). With the help of the pouring kettle you can control the amount of coffee going into each much and it simply covers up the hassle of making separate cups of coffee in each cycle.

Coffee Filters

Without a coffee filter your entire barista process is extremely faulty. And you need to buy a good quality filter that drains all the coffee into your mug and holds the solid beans into it. A poor quality filter not only wastes your coffee but also allows some of the unneeded particles to pass through. Besides, the market also has washable coffee filters now so you don’t have to worry about buying paper ones and go out every other day to get a new batch.


Didn’t we mention it yet? Here's the big one! It's time for various brews and coffees to play with. There's not much point in looking for the right way to make coffee at home and not having the coffee you want. Do you prefer a Brazilian washed coffee with a mouth-chocolatey feel and nutty undertones? Or a natural Ethiopian, with fantastic fruity flavours and soft acidic notes? Or are you surprised because of the wide variety of coffee options there are.

Don’t worry, you will find your soul-coffee, just make sure to browse through the internet or try some narrowed down coffee to get the best ones for you. We guarantee you will something you love or maybe two or three things you love.

Your Coffee Mug

Eh? We know right. But there are proofs that the appeal and type of coffee mugs can taste your coffee better or bitter. Well not literally but for starters, an ideal coffee mug would be which does not heat up itself and keeps the coffee inside It warm. These insulated coffee mugs or a way to go especially on a chilly day. After all you do not need an ice cold coffee on a chilly day. You are drinking coffee to keep yourself warm. Moreover, some people prefer customized mugs, are you some people?

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