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Applications of 904L Seamless Pipes

904L Stainless Steel Seamless and ERW Pipe is a nickel-chromium alloy with lower carbon content. Because of the reduced carbide precipitation during welding, the lower carbon content allows the pipes to be welded with ease and without the risk of localized corrosion. These seamless pipes have good resistance to hot corrosion in a variety of environments due to their high chromium and medium nickel contents. It is resistant to high-temperature environments with moderate sulphur levels.

The Stainless Steel 904L Seamless Pipe contains high concentrations of nickel and molybdenum, with only trace amounts of copper. As a result, it is resistant to reducing acids and corrosion. They are also not prone to cracking or carburization. Because of the low carbon concentration, the SS 904L Welded Pipe is simple to manufacture. When compared to standard grades of welded pipes, these pipes are stronger and more corrosion resistant. ASTM B673 UNS N08904 is a welded pipe standard specification.

These 904L Grade 1.4539 Stainless Steel Pipes have a higher nickel and molybdenum content. The Stainless Steel 904L Pipes have characteristics such as good activation passivation conversion ability and excellent corrosion resistance. In fact, the corrosion resistance of the Stainless Steel 904L Pipes is especially noticeable in non-oxidizing acids such as acetic acid, sulfuric acid, formic acid, and phosphoric acid at any concentration and under normal pressure and temperature.


Types Of Stainless Steel 904L Pipes

1.      ASTM B677 TP 904L Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

2.      ASTM B677 TP 904L Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

3.      ASTM B673 TP 904L Stainless Steel Welded Pipes

4.      SS 904L Seamless Pipes

5.      SS 904L ERW Pipes

6.      SS 904L EFW Pipes

7.      SS 904L Welded Pipes

8.      SS 904L Rectangular Pipes

Application of Stainless Steel 904L

·         SAE 904L Pipes for Air Pollution Control- scrubbers for coal-fired power plants.

·         UNS N08904 Pipes is mainly used for Seawater cooling devices.

·         SS 904L Pipe can be used in Wiring in electrostatic precipitators.

·         WNR 1.4539 Pipe is used in Oil refinery components.

·         AISI 904L Pipe is also useful for Gas scrubbing plants.

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