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An Extensive Guide on Classic Car Storage in Bedfordshire - Explore the Details!

Storing a classic car for an extended period is not as easy as it seems. However, doing it effectively does not always need to be complex. Just remember a classic car is way different than a brand new vehicle. The years and the past rides on the streets leave an impact on the car components. Therefore preserving it without hampering the vintage appeal needs more attention when it comes to classic car storage in Bedfordshire. But it is the appeal of a classic car where the car owner does his best to preserve the existing look without affecting its performance.

The new car owners often lack the experience in handling race car transport in Bedfordshire. Securing a grip over the car maintenance and ensuring its upkeep are common challenges that new owners face.  Many spend years of savings to restore the dream car to enjoy a showroom-quality sample. The investment can be huge but it is not the only thing that you should consider. Do not put your vehicle insurance at stake. Restore the car to maintain a stable monetary vehicle price just by following the guide. 

When classic car storage in Bedfordshire is concerned, follow the below mentioned points to store the vehicle right:

Home Garage

Most antique car owners prefer to store the vehicles in their own properties. Storing the car in a residential garage offers protection from rains, sun and snow. And you can also expect protection from moisture fluctuation to a great extent. Another added benefit is that the car owners are always beside their vehicles to keep an eye on it.

Classic Car Storage

It is the best solution to store an antique car right. There are dedicated storage facilities that only store classic cars and also take care of prestige car transport in Bedfordshire. These locations offer 24*7 service allowing the vehicle owners round the clock access to their vehicles. These convenient super car transport facility centres also offer moisture and climate controlled atmosphere inside the storage spots. This lets the vehicle owners have a good night’s sleep without worrying about the car condition. A moisture protected area also prevents a vehicle from being damaged by rust and mould. The modern hi-tech centres also come with an indoor drainage system that allows the owners to wash the cars inside the storage centre. This proves great during snowy winters when snow, sand and salt are a great cocnern.

However, the cost of renting a professional facility centre can add up overtime resulting in a huge bill. You may also need to drive over or book a cab to the facility centre if it is far away from your residential address.

Private Buildings

Another great classic car storage option is a detached garage. This insurer-approved solution allows a car owner to store the precious vehicle in a carport which protects the vehicle from snow, sun and rain. However, remember there might not be enough protection against moisture fluctuation which is not desirable. So this might not be your ideal spot to store a vehicle and expect a swift super car transport in Bedfordshire.


Car Trailer

If you are a car show enthusiast and often needs support in race car transport, a car trailer can be your go to option. This storage solution protects the vehicle from the natural elements while also ensuring the vehicle transport remains fuss-free. This makes travelling with the vehicle a lot easier. However this is an expensive option that always faces the risk of being stolen.

Once you are done with the car storage solution, take care of the tips mentioned below:

Evaluate the Car Insurance

You might already own car insurance but the car storage solution you have chosen also affects the insurance policy. Just check a variety of policies to ensure your needs are met right. However keep the insurance up to date as most storage centres ask insurance papers for proof.

Take Care of the Car Exterior

When you are doing so much to protect the vehicle, then do not ignore the accumulated dirt and grime on the vehicle’s exterior. Leaving it as it is can lead to serious damage to the outer appeal of the vehicle. Wash the dirt away and apply a layer of car wax to maintain the shiny appeal.

The Interior is Equally Important

Overlooking the car interior is common among car owners. But long term negligence can cause long-term damage to the interior. Taking care of a vehicle interior often does not require professional assistance. Just vacuum the inside of a car yourself to clean the surface right.  You can also wipe down the plastic or leather surfaces with a cleaner. 

Don’t Neglect the Tyres

Rotten and cracked tyres pose a great threat to the safety of a driver and the passengers. Don’t let it happen to the tyres of a vehicle. It is best to repair and remove the dirt before leaving the car for storage. 

Change the Engine Oil

Letting the old car oil sit in a vehicle can seriously damage its performance. Change the oil right before storing it for days in the storage spot.

Classic car storage is an easy task to do. You just need extensive knowledge in the topic that our article offers you. Choosing the right storage spot can also ease up prestige car transport in Bedfordshire. Protect your dream car in the safest way possible!

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