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A Smarter Way To Use Laboratory Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods

Normally, the Laminar Flow Hood plays an important role in the control of particle contamination. Laminar airflow is a suitable option for moving at the same time and speed. These are also involved with the high-end cross-over for the airstream or the lamina.

The turbulent flow would create the eddies and swirls for depositing the particles in the surface unpredictably and randomly. You can easily find A Smarter Way to Use Laboratory Laminar Flow Hoods as they are designed carefully under the HEPA filtered air.

Predictably Sweeps Particles:


The Contamination-sensitive environments mainly involve with them as dust-free hoods for the laminar flow. These are predictably sweeping with particles with uniform directions from the cleanest area in the hood. It has a sash opening or vents in the bottom or back of the hood.

Laboratory Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods involves unique designs having a clean area that is equipped with an upstream area close to the filter face. It also involves a non-contaminating configuration for the horizontal as well as laminar flow hoods.

These are commonly used for compounding sterile products compliance with the USP 800 and USP 797 standards.

Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods:


Vertical airflow or downward from filter positioned involves with resembling the small scale with designs on laminar flow cleanroom.

These have the filter or fan unit positioned in the ceiling. It also involves directing the laminar flow downward and vertical laminar flow having the effect of gravity.

Micro-contaminants do not have substantial mass or settle in the work surface. This is the most important option for choosing the airflow system based on the

·         Process location

·         Clearance requirements

·         Worksurface design

·         Operator safety

The clean bench uses the vertical laminar flow design mostly preferable for the floor space. Configuration stacks fan/filter module on top of the hood so vertical laminar flow hood are installed in the standard lab bench.

ü  Requires less floor space

ü  Easier to access

ü  Air does not blow directly at the operator

ü  Less turbulent effect

ü  Less cross-contamination

ü  More working height

ü  The barrier in front of the operator’s face

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods:


Horizontal-Flow Hood involves the additional depth for accommodating rear-mount or filter/fan unit. These have the additional rear clearance, which allows to easily allowing the air to enter in the system.

Clearance requirements involve necessitating the deeper bench along with floor space. Airflow designs provide effective sweeping action with filter face with respective flow patterns.

When you are looking forward to using the Laboratory Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods, then please contact us.

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Sam Kashanchi


Cleatech LLC designs standard and Custom-made laboratory solutions and cleanroom equipment such as Laminar Flow Hoods, Laboratory Fume Hoods, Desiccator Cabinets, Glove Box Systems, and many more laboratory products.

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