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5 Ways To Tell If Your Used Crib Mattress Is Safe

We put a lot of emphasis on our own mattresses, as adults. From comfort, durability, firmness, material, and cooling, we spend a lot of time evaluating. And, of course, not to forget, we want the best quality at a reasonable price. What most of us forget is that the considerations we put into a child's mattress, especially the ones designed for cribs, should be even more thorough. After all, safety is also a top priority it's not just about comfort.

There is a lot to buy, and it will take some big considerations, including a crib mattress. Until he graduates to a bed, your baby will be clocking a lot of hours in that crib, so you will want it to be just right- the right style, right size, and the right color. However, more than anything else you want it to be safe. If you are currently having one, you might wonder if it's safe to sleep for your sweetie. There is plenty to keep in mind, and brushing up on some basis is the right place to start.

Why is Crib, Mattress, and Sleep Safety important?

This is with most parents, they usually begin the search for the best crib mattresses as per their budget, features, shape, and design all to complement the theme. But what they forget is safety. Also, with the many alternatives available when it comes to creating a safe sleep environment for babies shopping becomes a lot nerve-wracking for you.

The mattress comes second, it is even more important to pick a safe crib first- the one which is certified to meet the safety standards as per the federal regulations. All you need to do is just familiarize yourself with the latest crib safety standards to buy the best one. Whether you opt for the most expensive crib or the least expensive one, if it meets the minimum government requirements it will be safe to use as long as it is assembled as per instructions.

Furthermore, it is important to buy the right mattress which is certified, natural, and firm. The best-suited mattresses will fit your toddler's crib snugly. However, there is more to the factors you need to consider when buying a mattress.

Identify the Safety of Your Used Crib Mattress in 5 Ways

Refurnishing a nursery is not a cheap process. Inspecting your old crib mattress for safety might sound like a good solution first, as a new one can cost up a few hundred dollars. Anyway, to help you determine how safe it is, we have made a checklist:

Before we begin, note that, even if the old mattress looks in excellent condition, your child might still be prone to hidden risks inside! For instance, it can have hidden harmful pathogens, such as mold, fungus, bacteria, and mildew. So if you don't know the materials, and how it was handled during production, you are not going to know how big the risk lies at its core.

  1. Firmness is a must! A safe mattress must be very firm as it is going to prevent suffocation as well as lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. You should know that softer supple mattresses are not safe, a rule of thumb is to pick 'The Firmer, the better'. Read along the specifications and check the material used, if it says soft then skip and consider another one. An old mattress, especially the standard ones, can settle and soften over time, so it is important to test its firmness by pressing it with your hands. A good indication that it can be reused if it snaps back into its original state.
  2. Proper fitting to the crib: As we are talking about the used mattress here, you have to make sure that it is a proper fit to the dimensions of new models that are regulated by the government. So if it is according to the new standard size it will fit into your new full-size crib. Most available with the manufacturers today are standard-sized, but you will also find those that don't.
  3. A clean mattress: One major factor which most of us forget is the type of mattress to choose. What's inside? Which material is used? How is the material sourced? Is it free of fire retardants?  If the answer to the former is no and the material used is inorganic, then you need to switch to an organic crib mattress which will ensure a kid's safety and concerns. One of the common types is cotton and wool mattresses which are certified and come with distinct features.

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