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5 Black Hat Seo Tactics to Avoid

Although there are some practices that you clearly should not use, such as piracy, because they are illegal and very risky. There are other less risky practices as well, but that doesn't mean you can use them to rank your website higher.

You should avoid black hat practices as they can lead to an algorithm or manual penalty, or worst case scenario - your website is banned from Google and other affiliate sites.

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You can do some of these without intending to, but isn't it good to become familiar with these practices to make sure you stay clear?

1. Purchase of Links.

Buying links means paying different websites to link to your website. Payment is made in terms of money, goods or services.

High-quality links help drive traffic to your domain and tell Google that you are a trusted website. However, buying links is against Google's webmaster guidelines.

If you are caught buying or selling links, it can affect the specific page or the entire website.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Content is the king, while SEO is the supreme God. However, you must not use the king to manipulate God.

Keyword stuffing is a practice in which people repeat the same keywords or similar phrases in your content to manipulate rankings. Using this Black-Hat SEO tactic to cram unnecessary keywords makes content sound robotic and unnatural.

It can even lead to a penalty from Google, resulting in a lower ranking. So if you don't want to take the plunge, avoid including too many keywords in your content.

3. Hidden Links or Texts

Do not try to cheat the system by adding a hidden link in your website content or in your footer text to manipulate the rankings. Most likely, Google will identify the links and penalize you for the same.

4. Sending Spam to the Comments Section of a Blog

Blog comment spam is another Black-Hat SEO tactic used by black-hat practitioners to gain visibility. It refers to spamming the comment section of the blog post to get a link to your site.

Not only is it annoying for the audience, but it's not even good for SEO. These comment links are not being followed and unlikely to help you anyway.

5. Article Spinning, Also Known as Content Spinning

This strategy involves rewriting the content of one piece to create many other "new pieces of content." Article readers use the tactic of creating "unique guest posts" to post to multiple sites and quickly build backlinks.

It is considered bad for SEO as it rarely results in a compromise. It also sounds unnatural and strange, which is why they result in low-quality backlinks.

Businesses should avoid using Black-Hat SEO tactics and practices to optimize their websites. If detected, it can result in penalties, or it can even get your website banned!

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