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Kerala: Serene and Tranquil in its Own Ways!!

by cleo trip on Dec 11, 2014 Travel 105 Views

When one needs tranquility in life and searching for a place to spend vacation at, then nothing is better than Kerala! Be it family or friends, it could be enjoyed with both. People who seek adventure would love to pay the visit to this place for its adventure sports. To those who need a break from their ruffled life and finding solace, Kerala is something that would make their lives more placid for a period of time. One can easily book a holiday package for Kerala by surfing through multitudes of websites. Athirapally waterfall is the Niagara fall of India. One can get an amazing experience of trekking to the falls with lush greenery on both the sides. Upstream of Athirapally waterfall is Vazhachal waterfall, it is 5-6 km apart from the road and one need not to buy another ticket for it. One ticket and both the waterfalls can be visited. Between Athirapally and Vazhachal lies the Charpa Falls. Plan a family trip to this place it would be a real fun. Witnessing the water falling from ...

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How is ERP for small business beneficiary?

by Dan Westwell on Dec 11, 2014 Software 62 Views

Enterprise resource planning is a business management software which is termed as a group of integrated applications that a company can use to collect, stock, manage and interpret data from many business activities. The ERP small business system is considered an important administrative tool because it assimilates varied managerial systems and enables error-free transactions and production. However, ERP system development is distinguished from traditional systems development. Small business ERP systems run on a variation of computer hardware & network configurations, typically using a database as an information source. Advantages of ERP for small business: Zero upfront investment Self-customization Quick implementation Integrated Mobile app for real-time dashboard, notification and quick action. Integrated business intelligence & customs reporting. Choice of language simplified UI & personalization by users. Secure and automatic backup. Supported and recognized by industry ...

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Video Conferencing a Cutting Edge Platform For the Virtual Treatment of Psychological Ailments

by seojyo on Dec 11, 2014 Communications 612 Views

Video Conferencing a Cutting Edge Platform For the Virtual Treatment of Psychological Ailments
Psychology counseling is the most common term that is being used in the recent days. Psychology counseling is the term that doesn’t mean that it is meant for treating the mental patients. In the recent years, out of hectic work schedules and stress, most of the people are facing trouble in handling the situations. Under these circumstances, there is lots of counseling centers are established to make the person mentally capable of handling the situations in an optimistic way.     Normally these types of counseling’s doesn’t end with-in one or two sessions, rather it require multiple sessions, based on the person. As discussed earlier, the psychological I’m-balance for a person is because of the hectic work schedule. Out of the busy schedule the patient doesn’t have time to attend the counseling sessions in personal. Telephonic counseling could be an alternative for this problem. But through the telephonic counseling the results could not be fast ...

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Data Loader Utility Ranges From Simple To Complex Migration Processes

by Guest on Dec 10, 2014 Software 44 Views

When data is available in a CSV file and the requirement is to move into another database such as MySQL, there are certain data loading tools available which can make your work easier. Data loader is an utlity to move data from one database to another. For example, this utility can be used between CSV and MySQL, MSSQL to MySQL, or vice versa. Using such utility more numbers of data tables can be migrated into the target tables with simple mapping of the source table columns with the destination table columns. Much needed filters can be applied as per the requirement on the table. For data available in CSV format, there is a header to identify the column values and it is most of the time treated as the first row in the CSV file. Data loading tools can be given instruction to act accordingly. Data loader scripting is one of the ways to convert CSV to MySQL tables. Otherwise the MySQL client tool can be used to import the data from any table or file into the MySQL target tables. A step ...

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The travancore heritage,Ayurveda resorts,Spa resorts

by Guest on Dec 10, 2014 Destinations 37 Views

The Travancore Heritage is a sea side resort in 15 acres of lush green coconut garden and landscaped environs located at Chowara - south of Kovalam, near Trivandrum, Kerala. The resort stands on a high cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea and a long wide beach of powdery white sand. The Travancore Heritage is conceived and developed as a Heritage Property to bring to life the age-old traditional architectural splendor of the region with its typical timber houses and 'Nalukettus' with tiled roofing, which allow for living in communion with all the elements of Nature.

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